Project Proposal for Hotel Booking System

 Essay upon Project Pitch for Hotel Reservation Program


Hotel Reservation Program





Accepting Queries Confirmed Inquiries

Level zero

Data Circulation Diagram

Validating Inquiries P1

Reservation P2


Info Verified Questions

Leaving of Client


Verified Questions Reserved

Paying Bills P4

ReceiptVacant Room

Level 1

Data Flow Diagram


Asking P1. 1


Questions Concerns

Starting the Answers P1. 2

Answer Provided InformationAnswer

Filling Information P1. 4

Submitting Information P1. 5

Uncooked InformationInformation

Keeping Info P1. 7

Encoding Info P1. 6


Submitted Info

Encoded Info Submitted Info

Saved InfoDatabase

Level you

Data Flow Diagram

Punching in of Documents P2. one particular


Reserving Information

Documents Occupied/Reserved Room

Updating Room Status P2. 2


Updated Place StatusNew Records

Saving up-to-date Record P2. 3

Current Records Preserved Records Database

Level you

Data Movement Diagram

Checking Records P3. 1



Customer IDVacant Space

Fresh Records

Conserving Room Position P3. four

Encoding Room Status P3. 3

Changing Room Position P3. a couple of

Encoded Room Status Up-to-date Room Position

Saved Room StatusDatabase

Level 1

Data Flow Plan

Submitting Reserving ID P4. 1



Arranging ID Reserving ID

Reserving Info

Submitting Booking Information P4. two

Computing of Bills P4. 3


Reserving Info Reserving Info

Computing Charges

Submitting Bills to Client P4. 4

Saving Invoices P4. 6th

Paying of Bills P4. 5

Published Bills Receipts


Saved Receipts


STI College Tagatay

Center: Tagaytay

User Watch Interface

Subject matter Code: SOFTWEN

Subject: Software program Engineering

Group Name: DATA Leader: Adove, Noel Ferdinand Jeremiah To. Alviz, Ronel Dimaranan, Indicate Lester Tenorio, Erlan

Job Name: Lodge Reservation System

Lecturer: Mister Raymund Regular

Date Posted: September 05, 2011

We. Introduction

A. Group

We are the group 2 in SOFTWEN subject for the thesis. Our group name is " DATA”. Just how did we come up for this name? The name " DATA” is derived from the initial letter in the surname of every member of the group. Mark Lester Dimaranan, Noel Ferdinand Jeremiah Adove, Erlan Tenorio and Rhonnel Alviz.

M. Company

SONYA'S GARDEN RESORT a charming cozy little foundation & breakfast situated for Tagaytay Metropolis. Rumors of the secret backyard tucked inside the gentle moving hills of Tagaytay slowly but surely sneaked its way in to conversations of...


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