Stephen Covey 7 Practices of Impressive People (Habit 3)

 Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Impressive People Habit 3 Article

HABIT several


Habit 3 is the personal fruit, it is the useful fulfillment of Habit you and Habit 2 . This habit is about personal time management. That tells us that how can we all schedule the priorities and eliminate trivial things.


We have set a lot of efforts with this project. Nevertheless it would have not really been conceivable without the kind help and support of group people. We would like to express our special gratitude to Allah because without HIS help we are not able to do anything. We are also highly thankful to Teacher Sajida Nisar for her direction, supervision as well as for providing required information about the project and in addition for her support in completing the project. We wish to extend each of our sincere due to her on her behalf constant reassurance.


Put First Items First6

4 Generations Of Time Management7

Organize and perform around priorities7

Time Quadrant8

The Time Administration Matrix8

Quadrant 1: " The Procrastinator”9

Quadrant 2: " The Prioritize”9

Quadrant 3: " The Yes-Man”9

Quadrant some: " The Slacker”10

What It Takes To Say " NO”11

The Quadrant II Tool13

Coherence: 13

Balance: 13

Sector II Concentrate: 13

A " People" Dimension: 18

Flexibility: 14

Portability: 16


Turning into Quadrant 2 Self Manager15

Identifying Tasks: 15

Choosing Goals: 16

Living IT17

Scheduling: 18

Advantages of organising the week instead of the day time: 18

Daily Adapting: 19


Gofer delegation: 20

Stewardship Delegation20

1 . Preferred Results21

2 . Guidelines21

three or more. Resources21

5. Accountability21

a few. Consequences21


To essentially understand and apply this habit, you need to have first performed habit a couple of - that may be, you should curently have defined precisely what is important to you. Without 1st doing this, behavior 3 is without power since you simply simply cannot separate precisely what is important by what is certainly not important. This kind of representation shows four types of demand that could be made on your own time. Installment 1 involves activities that are both urgent and essential - put simply, things to which you absolutely must attend. How come must you do these things? Because they are important - meaning that they contribute to the mission; and they are urgent - meaning that they have some sort of deadline associated with them. Choices about where to invest your time and energy really are produced in the other categories; and the most people -- driven by the concept of emergency - obtain drawn in to Quadrant several; doing things that consume their time but usually do not contribute to their particular goals. Successful People (yes they all aligned you see) understand that the high leveraging activities are generally Quadrant two - significant but not immediate. Planning, planning, prevention, relationship-building, reading, improving your professional knowledge and physical exercise are all samples of Quadrant a couple of activity -- not an exhaustive list, by any means. We all intuitively know that Particular 2 activities are the step to getting outcomes; but you require internalized the first two habits before you can benefit from the excessive leverage this habit delivers. In other words, you first need to have designed the strength of personality (proactively) that allows you to manage to say no to requirements on your period that get into Quadrants two and three or more; and you also must have defined what importance means for you - otherwise the Quadrants usually do not exist. Place habits you, 2 and 3 together and you have the greatest success method.

" Things which will matter the majority of must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”

Put To begin with


this individual very title of this behavior is self-explanatory. It should certainly not require extreme meditation or perhaps mulling more than for anyone to understand the true meaning of what Stephan covey is trying to get around through this habit. These four phrases should be enough to galvanize an intelligent person into taking into consideration his lifestyle and his priorities....


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