Public Private Relationships Vasco ag Gama Bridge in Portugal

 Public Exclusive Partnerships Vasco da Gama Bridge in Portugal Dissertation




PPP of Vasco weil Gama Connection in Spain

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PPP of Vasco weil Gama Bridge in Portugal


Summary of the Public Exclusive Partnership idea

Need for the population Service

To resolve the traffic jam problem in Lisbon's additional bridge (25 de Abril Bridge), and to join recently unconnected motorways between north and to the south around the capital city of Lisbon Legal Structure for PPP

Mainly Decree Law 141/2006 – twenty seven July 06\

Possible Alternatives

Another alternate location for the link

Important Analysis of PPP Style chosen by simply government

The opportunities and limitations intended for the PPP Model chosen

Description of PPP Style & Tendering/Bidding Process

ANDROID Model utilized " Build, Operate, Transfer”

Lusoponte, a consortium (Portoguese, British and French) companies, won the international general public Tender method set by GATTEL (inter-ministerial agency) which made the decision intended for the location from the bridge Rights and Commitments of the Non-public PPP Participant

Lusoponte below BOT style (DBFO) acquired the obligation to design, construct, fund and run the new traversing Structure of SPV as well as the role of participants

Personal Partners: Lusoponte consortium

(Portoguese 50. 4%, British 24. 8% and French 24. 8%)

Public Partners:

Government of Portugal


Government Funds

European Cohesion Fund

The European Expense Bank

Risk Matrix

Exclusive Partners: Technological Risk

Public-Private Partners: Economic Risk, Politics Risk, Shareholder's Risk Challenges and Limitations of the PPP Model

The Vasco da Gama Link did not have the ability to reach your initial task that has been to decongest the other bridge of Lisbon (25 Abril Bridge). It also had a great impact on ecological and economic issues. Recommendations

Even more compliance with project desired goals in the future. Conformity with the Western legislation in the future. Better using regional and municipal land use programs in the future. Conclusion

Even though the job did not reach its first goal, completely a great impact on regional advancement.

PPP of Vasco da Gama Bridge in Italy

The Vasco da Diversidade Bridge can be described as six side of the road bridge that spans the Tagus Water in Lisboa, Portugal. Is it doesn't longest connection in The european countries and has a life expectancy of 120 years. Its characteristics are defined in the Table here below:

Established name

Ponte Vasco ag Gama


Six street lanes, several sections

Passes across

Tagus Lake


North of Lisbon (right bank), municipality of Alcochete (left bank) Taken care of by



Armando Rito


Cable-stayed link, viaducts

Total Length

seventeen. 182 kilometres, longest in Europe, ninth longest on the globe


30 m


155 meters

Longest span

420 meters

Speed limit

120 km/h


50 million vehicles/year


1995 (beginning) – 1998 (ended)


29. 03. 1998


897 million pounds

Introduction to the Public Private Partnership concept

Due to economic globalization, countries would like more efficient and effective ways to improve their solutions. One way of doing so is through Public-private relationships especially for the development and procedure of infrastructure. Public-Private relationships provide a application to increase the coffee quality and efficiency of general public services also to overcome the limited open public funds available in a country. PPP is a between the govt and one or more private lovers in which both sides invest various resources in order to reach the target/goal by splitting the gains and losses between them. It is usually a long-term contract between the two parties, in which the private partner bears significant risk and great administration responsibility. PPPs may be shaped in areas such as system projects such as motorways, connections and in assistance areas including schools and hospitals....

Bibliography: Cruz, C. O. & Marques, R. C. (2010). Revisiting the Portuguese experience of public-private partnerships. [online]. [accessed 17 Sept. 2010 2013] Available at:

Hall, D


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