Wild Sunflower

 Wild Sunflower Essay




Various well-known plants inside the Philippines are thought as weeds. One of which is the Tithonia diversifolia that is commonly known as Crazy Sunflower. While it is considered because wild flower, it is also acknowledged for its significant uses in poultry, gardening industry and pesticide market and medicine.

The uses and significance of outrageous sunflower in the Philippines are yet to get introduced and popularized. Wild sunflower, a shrub, can be spotted by roadside. Besides the nutritional elements that can be extracted from its leaves, reports suggest that the remove from the leaves contains insecticide properties.

One of the successful of insects, ants can be a severe nuisance infestations in homes, hospitals, eating places and other buildings. Their ubiquitous nature and social structure make them especially difficult to control. Small proportions of ants feed on and contaminate the food things that make us consider them as infestations on the homes and buildings.

The most effective way of inhibiting damage caused by home ants is to ward off these kinds of pests applying suitable strategies.


The aim of this kind of study is to utilize these plants to get the production of insecticide due to their insecticidal real estate. Specifically, it aims to solution the following queries: 1 . What is/are the insecticidal component/s of the Tithonia diversifolia leaves extract? installment payments on your How does the aqueous draw out solution compare to the commercially-available insecticides in terms of the following: installment payments on your 1 Physical properties

installment payments on your 2 . you Color

2 . 2 . a couple of Odor

2 . 2 . 3 Density

2 . 2 Chemical Properties

2 . 3. 5 pH

installment payments on your 3. five Combustibility

installment payments on your 3. 6th Flammability

three or more. Is there a significant difference between the aqueous extract remedy and the commercially-available insecticide with regards to physical and chemical real estate? 4. What is/are the effect/s in the solution for the subjects staying tested?


There is no factor in the homes of the aqueous extract answer compared to the commercially-available insecticide. 4. SIGNIFICANCE IN THE STUDY

The study involves the utilization of Tithonia diversifolia leaves get as control against prevalent household ants. This study can help to determine other conceivable uses for the rose other than getting used as decorations.

This examine aimed to the lessen reliance on commercially-available insecticides.

This study provides an alternative feedstock in the production of insecticide. The predicted cost of development will also be significantly less since the resource would be readily available as it is a widely pass on shrub growing on flatlands and close to roadsides.

This study as well benefits the members with the community by giving an alternative solution to the problem of ant infestations in the home. This study aimed to provide scientific basis for the wild sunflower leaves in insecticide. It can be hoped that the information can be utilised for the possible exploitation of this kinds for different research and insecticide purposes.

This paper is expected to act as reference for future research relating precisely the same field.


This research is targeted on using the extract of Tithonia diversifolia because control intended for common home ants. This study discusses the insecticide component of the extract and how it even compares to the commercially-available insecticide near your vicinity.

This study utilizes processes such as drying out, pulverizing, dissipating, settling, filtering, evaporating and mixing to get the aqueous remedy using the Tithonia diversifolia leaves.

This study also investigates the conceivable methods of putting on the draw out as a great ant control. This test is limited to common household ants, which may be seen in the majority of households.

The study does not include the percentage fatality of prevalent household ants...


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